Evangelist Alberta Sewell , President of womens dept.

Young Women’s Christian Council


Who can find a virtuous women?


The Young Women’s Christian Council is an organization of young women whose prime purpose is to dedicate themselves in an effort to render greater Christian service. During the stages of life, with its many passions, successes, and oft-times depressions, necessitates a firm concentration on God.


This is the training and development center for the Christian Women’s Work, young women are trained to be auxiliary leaders, prayer warriors, good homemakers, lovers of their own husbands, ministers’ wives, and mighty women in Zion.


President: Evangelist Alberta M. Sewell

Coordinator: Sister Barbara Hannah


Elders’, Ministers’ & Deacons' Wives


The Elders’, Ministers’, and Deacons' Wives Auxiliary is an Integral part of the ministry at the Herald of His Coming. Members consist of the pastor’s wife, and the wives of the elders, ministers and Deacons of the church. These faithful women of prayer actively support the church spiritually and financially. The auxiliary also serves as a support system to its members, helping one another to stand triumphantly as the wives of men dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The Pastor’s Aide Auxiliary


And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” – Jeremiah 3:15



The Purpose


The purpose and the responsibility of the Pastor’s Aide Auxiliary is to provide a multitude of love, encouragement, and support to the Pastor and his family. A variation of support may range from simply encouraging the Pastor after a sermon to giving or inspiring others to give financially, and fervently interceding for the pastor and his family.




*Serve Coffee or Breakfast on Sundays

*Provide Pounds for the family

*Provide food in the Pastor’s office during the Appreciation Services, Revivals, and special program where we have guest pastors

*Arrange Banquet during Appreciation Services

*Supply gifts for Family during Appreciation Service



Goals and Objectives


*To be all we can be

*To provoke other’s to good work

Womens Department

Evangelist Alberta Sewell  

                President of Womens Dept.