Dr. Donald A. Sewell Sr. - Minister of Music​

Music Department.

Dr. Donald A. Sewell Sr. - Minister of Music​


Asp Missionary A Renee Daniels -Choir President and Young Adult Choir Coordinater

Bro Gerell Traynum - Praise and Worship leader

Sis A'esha Sewell - Assistant Praise and Worship leader 

Sister Lydia Turner – Sunshine Band Coordinator



    Greetings to you from the Music Department.  We believe in lifting our voices and singing praises unto God.  Music ministry is an integral foundation of worship within the church.  As the Chief Musicians ushered in the Spirit of God in Psalms, likewise we the music department seek to usher in the Spirit of the Lord as we sing praises.  Come let us worship together.  We welcome your melodious voice to our various choirs; Voices of Praise, Young Adult Choir (ages 12- 18), Men’s Chorus, Sunshine Band (ages 2 to 11), and the Praise and Worship Leaders.