Men's Deparment.

Deacon ​Patrick Morris, Chairman

The Men’s Department of Herald of His Coming Church of God in Christ is comprised of over 50 ready, willing, and able brethren to carry out the mission of our church. That mission is to tell people everywhere of the goodness of Jesus and that He is coming back. Our Pastor, Superintendent Ronald A. Sewell, Sr. , Has chosen to let the men lead themselves in decency and order through elected officials. Our president is Deacon Patrick Morris. He is currently working his 3rd consecutive term (yearly) and has spearheaded vast improvements to keep the Men’s Department moving forward emotionally and spiritually. One major improvement was the implementation of group leaders. This provided a type of chain of command that relieved some of the counseling and training burdens that any pastor may encounter.


As the years unfold, the Men of Herald of His Coming Church of God in Christ endeavors to achieve great things in the name of the Lord. This will be accomplished by realizing that it is our time and we’re here to reclaim our role as the head and not the tail.