Our History 

The Herald of His Coming Church of God in Christ was founded on March 17, 1959 by the late Bishop David C. Love. The church is located at 727 East 27th Street in the city of Norfolk, Virginia. The church has sometimes been called Fawn Street Church, simply because it is situated on the corner of 27th Street and Fawn Street.  The Founder of the church, Bishop David C. Love, was a renowned man of God. A man of great wisdom and understanding. A giant in the Church of God In Christ. A leader in every sense of the word. A politician for God and for the Word of God. A lover of God’s people, whether black, white, yellow or brown. By every stretch of the imagination, Bishop Love was a man concerned about souls, a man loved by many.


As we sat in church on the evening of July 6, 1980, Bishop Love began to reminisce on the origin of the Herald of His Coming. Bishop told us that the Elder Solomon Ferebee saw the church for sale. Elder Ferebee informed Elder Spence, who in turn, made a long distance call to Bishop Love who was living in Richmond, Virginia to inform him that they had found a church for sale in Norfolk. Anxious and excited, Bishop Love drove down from Richmond to Norfolk to investigate this prospect. Mother Dabney, apparently having a great influence in the Church and with the Church, was one of the people that Bishop sought for approval of the church purchase. Therefore, in 1959, without a member and without any money, Bishop Love signed a contract to purchase the church. He credits it all to God for bringing him through the struggle and trials that he encountered as pastor of this great church.  The name of the church was given by Bishop Love. He based it on the history of Paul Revere in the British American War—when the watchman rode through the town exclaiming, “The British are coming.” Therefore, Bishop Love decided that he wanted to “herald the coming of Jesus Christ.”


In 1980, Bishop Love had a strong desire to renovate the church before his death. Thus began the renovation process. Bishop Love passed in February 1984 before the renovation process was completed. His death in no wise prevented God’s plan for the renovation. For God had a man already ordained to continue the work. The Elder Ted Thomas, Sr. was appointed as pastor of the Herald of His Coming, and just like a faithful son, Elder Thomas took up the burden and heavy task of completing the renovation process.


Later in July 1984, Elder Ted Thomas, Sr. was ordained as our Jurisdictional Prelate, but God allowed him to continue as shepherd over this flock of people until 1989. Bishop Thomas being concerned about us and our salvation, then sent to us a young preacher in the person of Elder Ronald A. Sewell, Sr. Elder Sewell served as our Assistant Pastor for two years before being installed in August, 1989 as our Pastor and Good Shepherd. Elder Sewell, just like Bishop Thomas picked up the burden of renovating and pastoring this great church. Truly the Lord has blessed us with Pastor and Evangelist Sewell. Bishop Thomas told us that he sent to us the best that he had, and for this we are so grateful.


May 28, 1995 


Under the leadership of Elder Ronald A. Sewell, Sr. the Lord God Almighty has blessed us, the Herald Of His Coming Church Of God In Christ, to complete the proposed renovation plan, for which we are grateful. This does not include the dining room. Not only has the Lord allowed us to renovate, but, He has given the pastor a “Vision” to venture out and make an investment for the church now and future church by purchasing property and establishing a new needed Youth Department which is a “MUST” today.


Proverbs 29:18A “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”


Also, while searching though court documents and records, Pastor Sewell discovered and error in the church name. Therefore, on October 19. 1989, the church voted to solidify the church name. The name appeared in court documents as Herald Of His Coming Church Of God In Christ Universal – Church agreed to correct name as Herald Of His Coming Church Of God In Christ.  Thank God for sending us such an auspicious man of God in the person of Elder Ronald A. Sewell, Sr. Further accomplishments: purchase of church vans, established nursery (children) renovation of the dining room, installation of bathrooms, remodeling kitchen and purchasing new appliances for same, purchase of property in rear of church for increased parking space, purchase of house on corner of 27th & Fawn Street in an effort to acquire property and increase financial income for the church, installed basketball court for youth in the rear of church.


SEPTEMBER 22, 2001


Under the leadership of Pastor Ronald A. Sewell, Sr. we have had erected a brand new building, and have purchased property to afford us with more parking. Guess what, GOD is not through with us yet.

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